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Sunday, 20 May 2012

A night out with Marilyn

An exciting email came through a while ago - one where I was invited OUT. And this was one charming invite! A chance to sup cocktails in a swish setting and then watch a movie - "My week with Marilyn" - with my mates. The Swish Setting is One Aldwych, a stunning hotel in covent garden central, where you know...all the cool people are, like these two...
Jeni Yesterday and Bethan got stuck in before they even got their coats off

Myself and Howard, who hosted us, and who very nicely engineered everyone to stay on time

As always I was drawn to the details in our fellow lovelies outfits - Jeni's skirt

Fleur's Bracelets

Charlotte's amazing hand made dress details

The evening was lovely. The cocktail hour could have dragged on a bit since none of us managed to finish our drinks properly. I've never seen such a huge icecube in my drink either! The service was excellent. Once the waiting staff realised that I wasn't eating any of the finger food because of my wheat allergy they came out with freshly prepared chocolate dipped strawberries. I only got one in before the girls made a jump for them too.

Minerva wore one of my Mary Dresses with a stunning twist on the colour combination
Definately a great combination

The swanky bar we hung about in delicately lounged in

One Aldwych have some lovely things going on that would tickle my fancy to go back and do. Firstly, the musical Top Hat has just started playing across the road. If you were planning a romantic trip to London, then staying at the hotel, supping cocktails, dinner and strolling over to the show would certainly make a memorable occasion.
Photo nicked from their Gallery 

Secondly, they are doing Martini Movies nights, with a movie in their private movie lounge, cocktails and a 3 course meal, which is quite reasonable for that much swankyness at £42.50 (if you think not, then you might not have gone for a movie in central London for a while!)

And Thirdly, they are doing "Modern British Afternoon Tea" which sounds like a great treat, and I must say I am keen to find out just how many chocolate dipped strawberries one can scoff in on sitting! (I think that would be quite a number actually)

Many thanks to Howard and One Aldwych for a lovely night out. I'm sure we will be back, perhaps even for "Midnight in Paris" which screens at the end of June.

Shona x


  1. Sounds like a lovely night out! Oooh, and I really want to go and see Top Hat! :)

  2. Very swish! The fabric on Jeni's skirt looks really nice.

  3. What fun, and of course everyone looks great. And such a gorgeous place to host an event! It just oozes class. :)


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