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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

One dress for Peter

I am on a roll getting all these demanding fellow bloggers settled down (just kidding really, it is lovely to connect with such fun inspiring people)

This is for Peter over at Male Pattern Boldness - see, I finally got it finished... 

I was very excited by the print when I bought it, and it is a great linen cotton mix that has a good body to it. It was cheap at £3 a metre, and then I found it had a flaw at intervals along one edge and had to buy a bit more - just goes to show you it is worth inspecting bargains to make sure they really are!  
You can see the print is fabulous - it could be real vintage: 

Sadly it wrinkles a bit, but not half as badly as 100% linen would. What has disappointed me more is the sewing pattern (MaCall; 8387), it was a little lacking.  I made proper darts at the front up to the bust line as the orignal tucks at the waistline didn't give it enough shape just under the boobs, which just makes the puppies look larger (and I don't need that!). I find it typical of patterns of this era, they simplified and shortened darts too much for my shape, so I did see that coming. Next time, I will take also a little out of the bust and shoulders too.

Still it is kind of a Wearable Toile so I am not bothered, it is comfy and stylish and I just might have got a few approving looks while running errands too.

My hair did good things (before it rained)

So I rushed into a charity shop and picked up a lovely old red umbrella for a £1.  (Any excuse really).  I'd say it is 70s (but I'll pretend it is 30s).
Note the now flat hair!

 I am being ungracious, rain it is GOOD for roses.  I think they were smiling:

So I decided to agree with them and get on with being glad it was raining....

(Note to self: it is easier to spin for the self timer than it is to jump for it.)

Now today we are back to full-on Sunshine mode, with a dress to go with it (hair has recovered).

Whatever the weather is doing about you today, I hope you can find a reason to feel glad too.

Shona x

The info bit:
Pattern was McCall 8387
Black heels - reproductions from Johnsons Shoes , Black cardy - (few years old) H+M
50s/early 60s cotton dress -  Freddies of Pinewood at the War and Peace show. (When Jo has a clear out, it is worth being around) 
Off white sandals - Rocket Orignals
sunglasses, original 50s - dead mens spex


  1. Flat or curly, your hair is gorgeous! In fact, it got a mention in my blog this morning, as you are one of my top five most admired bloggers :)

    Your dress is beautiful, by the way xx

  2. Looking lovely, 2 gorgeous frocks. Would you please teach me to sew??? I have a very sad untouched sewing machine and I want to use it to make pretty things. x

  3. The first dress is so gorgeous on you, i wish i could sew (i'm learning!) and i could make dresses that looked that good on me!

  4. Tee hee - I love these little stories you tell via photos :)

  5. Gorgeous dresses! I love them. I tried sewing, quite a few times, but got really really bored and made my mother finish everything. Hehe. I just leave the sewing to her, now, and have stuck to knitting. ;] But I admire those who enjoy sewing.
    -Andi x

  6. Both your dresses look fantastic! I really love the black and white print... it's so pretty! :)

    Oh, and I wanted to say I adore your action shots--I need to do more of those with my outfit photos! ;)

    ♥ Casey
    blog | elegantmusings.com

  7. Cute dress lady, note to self I must make more dresses!


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