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Monday 31 May 2010

Monday Challenge for Mary at DeluxeVille

Bloggers across the world are setting challenges that must be met if one is going to be given any credit. This one I do not like - Mary over at Welcome to DeluxeVille is keen to make us all vulnerable and uneasy, and post anti-vintage shots of ourselves. NOT the kind of image I am trying to present here!
But then I realise that when people start out looking into the vintage loving arena (and by vintage, I mean both pure vintage and in a vintage style, as I wear both, and both get stares from Jo Public), it can be easy to think that it is:
  • a heck of a lot of hassle
  • a club in which you might not fit
  • Once you get started you will have to be full on 100% all the time
  • the Vintage Fashion Police (VFP) will be after you if you slip up (I am yet to meet one, though Jenny from Yesterday Girl lives near me, and said she has seen me "about", possibly on my posting run, which fills me with dread)
Oh as if we don't have better things to concern ourselves about in the world!

Hopefully this might re-assure you that, even though getting vintage-ised is my preferred dress style, I do wear other clothes if the job at hand or my mood dictates it.

Well I am going to do this fast and quick. And hopefully no one will notice.
Today was a good day for it as I had not one but two slobby outfits, the first is not really vintage in my books because it is ONLY late 70s/early 80s and it is throw-in-the-wash-who-cares kind of a dress. No ironing, no zipping up even. Brill!
(NB: I can't call 70s vintage because I was born in the 70's!!).  Still it is a familiar silhouette so I feel pretty and carefree out and about in it.

The shoes I am not sure about because of the ties cutting through my already short legs, but they are super comfy, vintage like, and I do have a thing for bows - well perfect for mucking about in.

Note the belt? I painted the once old brassy coloured rose buckle with radiator paint and now I love it.

And non-done hair - the day after washing and with no product and no styling 'cept a brush. Passable?

Oh so then, after super-marketing and then doing hand washing of real vintage, I was a bit damp (I am a vigorous hand washer!) and cold, the weather was turning so I decided to get comfy.  I am heading to my sewing room to finish the dresses Peter from Male Pattern Boldness wants to see, and it is cold in there...

Have YOU ever jumped about for the self-timer? Let me just say it is not happening again.
I suspect the neighbours had a laugh at least!
The hoodie says "Sweet As" ( a very Kiwi turn of phrase), Translation:"I confirm that what you are proposing is good by me".  I don't wear it out cos British males seem to get all worked up about that written across a full bust. Not dignified!
Ok so who else is going to show yourself in your un-glam-ness?

Ohh look, there are bows again!

Shona x


  1. I can assure you that when i saw you you looked nothing short of lovely, as you do here. This is a challenge indeed, I'm not sure I am brave enough to accept it myself...xxx

  2. You look very 50's and cute even in your non-vintage 70's outfit! I have a really hard time calling anything 70's and after vintage as well. I love what you did with the belt! I have to remember that for the furture.

  3. Hey girls! In regards to the belt painting: The belt buckle was screwed on, so I could remove it entirely. The radiator paint was a spray can so that made it easy. It took lots of coats and has chipped a little (touch ups ok with me).

    I read somewhere else since about coating a metal something in hairspray before painting - like 5-6 coats, to give the paint something to stick too - that might have helped.

  4. That was the best! Good job cutie!


  5. I will totally take on her challenge...as soon as I can get my camera back from my girlfriend's car! (*oops*) While I'm sure challenges like hers make some of us feel naked, I think it's good for readers to see that we don't just step out of vintage vogue every morning. We all have wonky hair, t-shirts and we all have to get dirty from time to time. It's good for blog land to see that while we -are- super cute vintage fashionistas, we are also real people. Showing your gritty side from time to time helps readers to connect with you and feel that they can be glamorous too! And if the above pics are you on your not so fabulous days, you put us all to shame!! You look great! Thanks for the belt tips too, I will have to try that. xoxo

  6. awesome awesome awesome!
    Fills my heart with glee to know that there are others out there who - yes- have secret(or not so secret now) not-so-vintage lives!

  7. You look adorable in both outfits

    But where did you get that dress? I sold one EXACTLY the same in my eBay shop last summer!

  8. I honestly love seeing how other vintage-inclined gals dress on days that the vintage look isn't practical (or just not what you're in the mood for!). While most of my closet is vintage inspired, it's not every day that I take the time to curl my hair or do a full-fledged vintage look. Some days I like playing with other looks/eras! :D

    Love the idea for painting the belt buckle too! I see so many of those sorts of belts in thrift shops, but I hate the bright brass color so much. Now I shan't have to pass them by again!

    ♥ Casey
    blog | elegantmusings.com

  9. you still look pretty cute there Shona! I will do mine at some point, not at the moment though I'm still in PJs!

  10. Hehe, I definitely won't be taking the challenge ;] Dressing vintage is one of the few things I take joy in, right now. Though I should say vintage styled/inspired if not always actually in vintage attire. I do wear repro/inspired items.
    And I love that you have a hoodie that says 'sweet as'. Heh.
    -Andi x

  11. Hey Fi - bring it on darling!!!
    Retro Chick - I have been racking my brains to think where I got the dress and when. I think it was Ebay and though I thought I had had it longer, it might have been last summer! It has come to so many car boots that I am not sure now.

  12. Ah, that would be so bizarre if it came from me!

    You look good in it anyway!


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