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Friday, 14 October 2011

Rocket Girl

Hello all you lovelies out there
Last weekend we were trading at the Hemsby Rock and Roll Weekender  and I just gotta say - weekenders tire me out! Oh man, I always start the week like death warmed up!  It might be the 3 days standing and talking, it might be the early dash to the Hemsby car boot on the Sunday, or it might just be that this is the last in a long run of events/trips/outings and it has taken a toll.

Fellow stallholders, Rocket Originals were there as always, and I treated myself to a couple of their jumpers for my early autumn wardrobe.  This is the first one to show you - The lovely Red with Ivory jumper.  Now, being a big busted girl (and "big" is a, ah-hem... polite understatement) you would think that a high neck sweater would make me look even more dumpy/frumpy and made of 95% boobage. But I have discovered that as long as it isn't chocker-high neck, and if the colour on the shoulders is lighter than the rest of the body, it actually does me some favours! I happen to be very narrow in the shoulders, so much so that I have learnt  never to buy shoulder bags with two straps as I can never keep the second strap on.  So the shoulder widening illusion created by the lighter colour, combined with the darker colour over the boobs balances me out.
The skirt I am wearing is the one from Heyday's Wartime suit.  I have found it invaluable in this warm but autumn weather - so easy to wear, doesn't crease, comfy, and, you know.. slims and skims the lumpy bits. I imagine it will be just as useful in springtime with or without the jacket.

So, back to telling you about Rocket Originals...I also  picked up a bit of HOT shoe news for you, Rocket are about to bring out their "Nancy" sandal (above) in a lovely dark green. Ohhhh! - can't wait! This shoe has got to be their comfiest yet and as I completely thrashed my white pair this summer, I have also picked up the red pair too as you can see. Already having two colours of the same shoe won't stop me as being a red head I have lots of outfits that will go with green shoes. Indeed, florals always seem to go well with green - Mother Nature being the queen goddess of design and all that!

Back soon with more vintage adventures,


  1. I thought you had fallen off the edge of the blogging world! Hurrah - you have not!! LOVE the joooomper. Boobs? What boobs? I don't see no boobs...

  2. Fabulous outfit, I love those jumpers.

  3. Oh hello! I'd love one of those jumpers I think they're so lovely!

  4. Hey, welcome back as ever fantastic looking, gosh, your hair is awesome again. :-) Good tip on the two coloured jumper.

  5. Hello Shona! You look fab.
    I want a pair in red and a pair in green for good measure!xx

  6. Ooh I was recently bemoaning never having dark green shoes!

    You look superb in the outfit!

  7. 3 days!!! I'm knocked out after one, takes me at least another day to recover.

  8. You look great in that outfit! Your boobs too :) I didn't even think about the fact that you were "boobylishious" until I read the text, where you sad so yourself! So the sweater works well with them!...If you get tired of your breasts, maybe you could send some of them to me tho. I'm the opposite of you and wouldn't mind to be able to fill out a bigger bra size... ;)

  9. You look fab, that's a lovely photo. Your hair looks especially nice (I was talking to Wendy at Hemsby who'd just cut it for you, looks like she's done a brilliant job!) Kaye xx

  10. You look fantastic! And I have been hemming and hawing for ages over that jumper because I have similar curves and was afraid I would look too frumpy, but now I think I'll get it! x


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