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Tuesday 24 January 2012

Bag Lady

Hello and thank you to everyone who has filled in my little blog survey already. If you haven't but would like to you still can here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FQZY799 
It being January, and not too much going on (for which I'm thankful for right now) I've been on a bit of a personal tidy up mission. One bit of the house at a time...and last week included the handbag cupboard. I try to limit myself to one shelf of bags so that somewhere in my brain I can register "FULL".  While I like vintage bags, I also like easy to use bags, which are not always the same thing. Other people have a thing for bags like I have a thing for buttons, and that is cool too.
I had a good ole tidy up and bought myself an expanding shelf from Lakeland, so that smaller bags could double up and not get mushed
The shelf, and one of my favourite bags, bought from Gal Pal Jenny.
Starting to populate. This white Telephone wire bag I found in Texas. The leather Alligator one is from Bags of Style and I bought it for myself as a birthday present one year. At the back is a little brown 40s corde bag.
A few more dainties at the back, which is sensible because I am more likely to reach for a sizable grandma good-for-wholloping, sturdy purse first. At least now I can see the little ones. Some smaller flat clutches inhabit the bottom bunk. 
The stunning rose bag is a modern one purchased in Texas last year. It is the most I have ever spent on a bag and I have no regrets. The brand is American West and the designs are gorgeous.
And here we are fully occupied. 
The basket bag in the centre I got in New York, amazingly in a charity shop for $6.  SCORE!! 
One of the red ones (modern, but looks the part) at the back I have had for 14 years, and it was on sale to start with, so it has paid it's dues. I keep it cos it is so darn handy.
One advantage of wearing a style that is already out of date, is that you never throw anything out just because it is fuddy duddy. The main disadvantage of course is... that you never throw anything out! 

(Sorry if the pics are a bit dim, but that is what you get in a London flat in the middle of Winter, on the the inside of a cupboard!)


  1. Yay for being organized. I'm not really a vintage purse person partly because I'm really picky and partly because I like BIG bags, but you have some cute ones!

  2. Once bit at a time you say... hmmm... i like your style!! I leave EVERYTHING and do NOTHING. I must remedy this. I must also steal your white basket bag next time I see it. You have been warned.

  3. Yay well done Shona! Organisation, good for the soul.

    I love that white telephone cord bag, I'm sad to say I don't use most of my vintage bags enough, they're just not big enough but I do have some lovely lucite ones for nights out!!

  4. I have a serious problem with handbags.....you have some lovely 'babies' there!!! X

  5. That is one fabulous collection. The shelf is a fab idea.

  6. Hi, This is amazing collection.i love that collection, nice work.... Thanks For Sharing.....!

  7. What a clever system, I wish I had more shelves so I could steal the idea. The phone bag is fab x

  8. Love the bag collection!!
    May xx

  9. That's a gorgeous collection...especially the white one. Yummy!xxx

  10. Lovely collection of bags! But I know what you mean - I have vintage bags and purses but I NEVER use them. How can I fit my phone, purse, lippies (plural!), powder, keys, hairspray, antiseptic handwash, hand lotion, etc. in them? Haha. And that's only a few of the essentials I can't do without. ;)
    -Andi x

  11. fantastic bags and so well organised! Mine are hidden in a cupboard behind a mirrored door

  12. What a beautiful collection of bags <3
    Are they all your´s?
    Your´s Kingha <3<3<3


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