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Friday 20 January 2012

Pops of colour

Last week the Wolf and I headed out to see a show so a bit of glamming up was required. Since it is often hot as Texas at the old London theatres, no matter the weather out-of-doors, a short sleeved, easy-wear dress was essential, covered up with a nice thick coat of course! 
I bought these red Honeys and a sister pair in black a few years ago at Heathrow airport on the way out. The Wolf was mortified because we were trying to travel light but I knew I would love them and have them for years. Besides, they were on SALE! 
Some ding dong bright bracelets. Only the bright green one is bakelite and therefore "collect-ably" expensive. The dark green one is Greenstone from NZ. The rest are second-hand charity shop bargains. Below my dress clip you can just see a little dressing trick...I have gathered the sides of my dress with a pin which holds more fabric for longer than the dress clip on it's own. Of course, the clip ought to cover it!
And here's the whole outfit, sans coat. The dress is an early sample of the Mary dress. 

I am also completely make-up less, as I was still recovering from a bad allergic reaction to either cleansers or make up or both - ouch! With this and the settling lotion allergy, I've had a bit of a bad run!
Anyway before I met The Wolf in town, I had an appointment at the Clinique counter to try their Anti-Allergy make up so a bare face was essential anyway. I was impressed that a make over from scratch was free and I got lots of samples in cute pots. I'm a cute pot kinda girl. The foundation itself is still on trial so I will let you know the verdict once decided.

Thanks for letting me share some POPs of colour to brighten up winter, and, if you haven't already, please POP on over and fill in the little blog survey I have running - I wanna know what you like! Here it is: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FQZY799.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and do something nice, even just tea with the cat, for you. 


  1. Oohhh.. those shots of the little details ARE GORGEOUS. My fav things - the shoes and stockings, the bangles and dress clip... the lttle things that add up to make anoutfit fabulous.

    And you look divine, naturally!


  2. The print on your dress is so cute! Love the green accessories too :o) Hope you have success with the Clinique make up!

  3. Love your dress clips, hope you got on with the clinique, I have no allergies at all, but I do like their products!

  4. You look impeccable, lady!
    Very neat hair! Lovely dress and bangles I am jealous of!

  5. Love it! That Mary dress is so cute on you! The fabric is gorgeous! That's terrible about the setting lotion allergy, I've had some issues with some setting lotions that have wheat in them, it makes my whole head itch like it's on fire (might try and find one without it?) Also you totally need to try my gal pal from Gluten-Free Beauty's Olive oil cleanser, it's AMAZING!!!! And not very allergenic (there's no nasty chemicals or what not in it!) http://glutenfreebeauty.com/skincare/exfoliating-olive-oil-cleanser Her foundation set is also pretty amazing, it's what I live in (even in the super fancy photo shoots). Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  6. Ooh, the Mary dress. Absolutely my favorite. I'm sorry you have such a difficult time with allergies. Have you tried Afterglow Cosmetics? They're organic mineral makeup and I'd love to try them, but with the cost a bit pricey I'm a little timid to try just yet. I believe this is the correct link if you're interested. http://www.afterglowcosmetics.co.uk/

  7. I love the print on the dress. And the dress clips...and bangles...and shoes! Hehe. Great outfit. :)
    -Andi x

  8. Those shoes are lovely! I can see why you needed to buy two pairs :)

  9. love your hair! have you got a tutorial for it? x

  10. What a wonderful collection of bags!


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