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Wednesday 18 January 2012

Recent Purchases

As promised, I have some goodies (otherwise known as "bits of old junk") to show you.
Firstly though, I would love it if you could help me out with a quick and dirty survey. It is to help me know what you want to see here on this blog - more of this or less of that - let me know your suggestions too!
Thank you! 
And now onto the bits of old junk
Here's some finds I got at the Hammersmith vintage fair recently. An enamel and bead brooch - possibly 30s, a wire brooch - likely to be wartime, and a green belt buckle - 30s again. 
I love belt buckles, but, as I have mentioned before, if they are on an original card I find it SO hard to separate them and use them. Rather pathetic isn't it? Don't you just love how it states it is the "Latest Novelty"?
Here's a dress that I got that needs some repair work (that'll be a post on it's own). I adore the print and it is a lovely floppy viscose, so it's ok that it needs some love. The buttons I got happen to match and are rather indistinguishable in age since they are quite plain, I suspect 50s or 60s but they could equally be 80s. I have a feeling they might end up on a jacket to match this dress though, so that would be 60p well spent!

Have a good day and thanks again for your help with the survey!



  1. WOW! Love the belt buckle! Lovely blog x

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment!! I love my Heyday trousers to pieces! I have the plum too :O)

    Gorgeous finds! I can't wait to see that dress.
    Now following ;o)


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