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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

ZOMG by Rockalily

Last night I got to go to the ZOMG Blogger Bash hosted by Rockalily and London Lipgloss. What a great night - thanks ladies! I really enjoyed it and wish I could have got there a bit earlier.
Naturally lots of bloggers were there so this post is quite filled with links. I can assure you that each and every one of them are part of an inspirational force on the UK vintage scene, so it is worth making an acquaintance with their blogs and checking them out. In person, they are the type of women who are genuine and there is a surprising lack of snobberishery involved. Surprising in that we are all associated with clothes and make up, so one might assume the opposite. There were more lovelies ladies of that ilk there and, if I could I would include many more. But you are on your coffee break so let's get rolling...
Just as I arrived, Lena and Margaret were leaving, but there was enough time for hugs, outfit assessments, and a quick pic. Both these ladies have such a different style to me and I love seeing what they wear. 
Ree Ree from Rockalily was looking particularly stunning with her new red hair (welcome to the club!). She is a fab business lady with masses of energy and does a lot to support and encourage other women. She also has some exciting stuff happening for her at the moment so she deserves a little "high five" for that. High Five!!
Me with Ree Ree. I'm wearing (at this stage of the night), "Roulette" lippy
I had never met Zozo from London Lipgloss before and I still haven't actually formally meet her..but..., now that I see pictures of her, I embarrassingly realise that it was her that I bounded up to and said 
"When I die, I'm gonna ask for YOUR legs before I come back next time.
Hmmm. I can't even blame THAT on the alcohol!  But I don't think she minded too much. I guess sometimes my brain just has no "skip" button. Boy-oh-boy though, I just have to say, she has one heck of a pair of pins. (No pics of them sorry, you'll have to scroll her blog and check them out yourself.)
Ree Ree had all of her lippys on display for everyone to test drive. That is Charly's hand making a cameo appearance. We didn't get a photo together, but there might be one coming up on Gemma's blog. 
Lucy and Gemma sporting their little graduation hats as they man their Historial Sauces table which included lovely vintage lipsticks and some "how to do vintage" style books to look at. 
So, you ask, what colours did I choose? Well, it was very dark in there so I focused on building my paper chart that I could refer to in daylight. The ones on the right are old favourites that I am replacing. They are from other brands and are either discontinuted or they are crack my sensitive lips into crocodile smackers. As I don't have the same reaction to Rockalily lippys I am keen to get more flavours. The one here is my first one - Red Hot Red, which I love.

You can see that ZOMG is not far from my "Marilyn" colour, Mermaid is a bit more orange than my "Frosted Apricot" and Roulette (as recommended by Ree Ree for me) is a deeper, darker tone of my old "Cinnamon" colour, so those are next on my shopping list. Some of these are limited, so I'm going to go and do that NOW.

Shona x

PS: I'm still not sure how to say ZOMG - Zoom-Geh? Zoum-Gee? I dunno!!


  1. Looks like a great night out! I really must invest in one of those lipsticks I've heard such good reports.

  2. ooh lovely lips! would need help picking the right one for me though!

  3. It's OMG with a 'Zo' (as in Zoe/Zozo) at the front. Zo-Em-Gee xx

  4. Gorgeous colours! In nerd circles we tend to pronounce it "Zoh-Muh-Guh".

  5. Looks like a great night out! :)

  6. Thank you for doing swatches! It was just so crowded that it totally slipped my mind at the event! I'm craving Mermaid now... Mmm.. i'd love to see you wearing your new lippies! :)


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