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Friday, 23 March 2012

Can you wear Navy with Brown?

On Thursday night I had a dinner date with a friend who lives out of town. I had one of those nothing to wear days, until I decided navy CAN be worn with brown.
(slightly out of focus sorry I took this with the self timer, and clearly the camera was ignoring my posing feet)
Selection of charity shop bangles. 
This is my "exotic craft" collection. You know... instead of the bakelite or bamboo collection
(While I remember, go here to see Solanah's Bakelite Tutorial)
 Jewellery spanning many decades
Final outfit (before I remembered I had those cool socks).
I was doing a Wonder Woman pose for some reason - and getting teased for it too!

Shona x

Top (modern), bangles (not very old), ring (70s I think) - all charity shop
Trousers - my own design, some similar ones due in any day now
Brooch and earrings both 50s/60s - somewhere on my travels
Shoes - Hush puppies


  1. Looking great there lady! I'm loving the wonder woman pose!

  2. waaaaaaaa!! These Shoes!!! I love them!!!! I love everything in navy blue!

  3. Looking good... After many conversations with dear old aunts, I have been told time and time again in true vintage any colour(almost) goes with any colour. It seems unless you knew a GI Shhh you didn't have the option of coordinating outfits!..They advise me

  4. Beautiful! I love navy and brown together!

  5. I love navy and brown. And I love your shoes :)

  6. I thought navy and brown went really well together! I always heard the rule as navy and black! I'm so confuseeedddd - but anyway, you look smashing!

  7. i cannot believe how wonderful navy and brown look together! you look stunning. your jewelry is phenomenal and the colour of that sweater is divine.


  8. Oh I LOVE it! Fabulous outfit and I'm so excited you're having such beautiful spring weather!

  9. I love the shoes! The outfit is great......are those your trousers from the website? I thinking of buying some but you're out of stock :( I'll keep checking!

  10. You look lovely! Back in the 1940s Good Housekeeping paired navy with chestnut brown, so you're authentic as well :D

  11. Best shoe/tights combo I have seen all week. x

  12. Love the colors together! I have the same brown trousers for almost 2 months and really love to combine them with navy. In fact the trousers are my favorite pair for the colder days! I can't thank you enough for the gordious collection clothes you make! :)

  13. I have been eyeing up those shoes for a while, there are fabulous red ones, too, but I have a wide foot and not sure how wide the wide fitting H P's really are. The colours go well on you.


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