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Monday, 26 March 2012

Make do and Mend: You're gonna want to copy this!

The Wolf and I were away when I lost one of my favourite earrings. I loved these ones so much.

So VERY much.
But what is one to do when you know the lost earring isn't in the house/handbag/car somewhere and that it can't ever find its way home?

Keeping the one that you do have is just a sad reminder of the pair you once had. *sigh*

Hey, unless you make it into a ring!
One ring back (available online and bead shops and the like), a spot of glue later...
...and I have a one-off, designer ring!

Please please please, if you spot a pair of earrings like this in your travels - please pick it up for me! I'd happily 
reimburse you!

Shona x


  1. Such a smashing idea, perfect to go with the spring wardrobe!
    There's always a slight chance that some sharp eyed individual will spot it and say "There's a pair of earring for sale just like that..."
    One can hope anyway!
    If not, you still have such a pretty ring.

  2. That is such a clever idea! I have so many single earrings that I can't part with. One belonged to my great great grandmother. I must do this. Thank you for sharing!! x

  3. Great idea!I have a few singles that are so cool that I hang onto just in case I should ever find its partner.This is perfect to put them to use.

  4. You are so clever! I hang onto the singles in a case one day in the bottom of a bag or in a jacket pocket of Paul's I find the missing one. This is such a great idea though, genius lady genius!

  5. gr8 idea... I also use them as hair slides or dress clips.x.

  6. What a great idea.... I will keep my eyes peeled for you :)

  7. What a shame! Lovely idea to save the day. My mother wears clip on ear rings and is forever losing one - she could fill her fingers with these rings!

  8. That's a nifty idea! But such a shame to lose a favourite earring :(
    -Andi x

  9. Excellent idea! It's sickening when you realise something has just gone and you know damn fine it's not going to resurface. I lost my mother's watch that she'd been given for her 12th birthday in 1949 in a house move and to this day I have no idea how it could possibly have happened.

  10. Fabulous idea. I think I can help you get the earrings back. You need some polymer clay (Fimo soft is best). Knead the polymer clay until it's soft and make a little block out of it slightly larger than your flower cabochon. Powder the surface of the clay with talcum or cornstarch (so the flower won't stick) and push the flower into the soft clay. After a deep impression has been made, carefully remove the flower and bake the clay as directed on the clay pack. After the clay has cooled you can push any colour of clay into the new mold you have made and remove to bake as many flowers as you'd like. Just add earring posts and pin backs as you need them. Hope this is useful. Sorry about the long comment. love your blog and wanted to help.


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