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Wednesday 7 March 2012

In Search of Charm - Stoles

I found this at a charity shop. Charity shops have great books, but you knew that already eh!?
Don't you love the front dust cover? It was published in 1962 - which you can just about tell from the fashionable hot pink and orange blots!
Mary Young was the principal of the "Mary Young Model School and Agency in London", so she knew a thing or two about looking stylish.

Here she talks about stoles, and how one could arrive at a party and then run through a "sequence" of positions until one finally leaves "with the stole drifting behind her as though it were being blown back by the breeze"  Ohh, so alluring! I would have to practice the transitions beforehand
I get on quite well with stoles, though not normally to sit through a whole party with. They are handy at this time of year as a scarf under your coat and then a wrap against a chill. I always take one to the movies as they seem to have the air conditioning turned to arctic. 
I was at a wedding once where the bridesmaids, under the advice of the stylish Mother-of-the-Bride (Italian, of course) used stole position number 6 to wonderful effect throughout the whole ceremony. Theirs were fine, thin silk scarves, and looked just amazing from all angles.

Do you have a favourite stole position? 

Shona x


  1. I'm afraid I'm an old fashioned and boring 3 or 4, I could do 6 although it's elegant I can't stand things near my throat, ewww!

    Fabulous book!

  2. What a splendid book! I love bottom left,but would be bound to get too drunk to look that classy....:)

  3. Number 6 for me! I love dresses that have that feature built in, or cute capes. Something so elegant about it!

  4. I love books like that, I'm always on the hunt for them. I also have a scarf/stole obsession, getting beyond a joke now, especially as I have absolutely nowhere to go anymore to wear them, I mean the glamorous ones that beg to be taken out for a fancy evening event somewhere. Unfortunately I live in probably one of the most boring areas of the UK!

  5. Hi, I just discovered your blog via Ivy Black Chat and plan to do a bit of poking around on it. Just had to say -- great book! Who knew that there instructions on stole-wearing. Thanks for posting them. I buy lots of scarves/stoles in India -- far too many for me to actually wear. I tend towards versions 3, 5 and 6. I wear them with everything, not just for evening, and they've become sort of my signature. I can't pass up an excuse to be wrapped up in some gorgeous piece of fabric.

  6. I love number 6 too. It fits me well and I will surely look gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this stuff.


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