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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Earring Stash

Fiona over at Straight Talking Mama posted about popping all her vintage earrings into zip lock plastic bags. It was funny because I too had just gone through that process and realised it is a darn clever way of keeping them tidy.  
You might remember I used to hang my earrings on pin boards, but that ended up being silly when they fell off, and when I am in summer and going to shows, it would take time both putting them into zip lock bags for travelling and then unpacking them when I got home. Enough of that! 
So I changed my system and now I have a little set of drawers that fit snuggly in a shelf and house all my earrings by colour group. To maximise space I have another couple that house my make-up and brushes, hair clips and nail polishes etc.
Some favourite earrings. The mustard roses are modern and I changed them from pierced backs to a clip back, because they are too heavy and fall forward when they were pierced.
The pin boards now house multi-coloured earrings that I otherwise couldn't find
And my trusty rusty sheriff's badge (bought in Texas, so it's REAL). I haven't worn it yet, but I like to know I have it if I ever need it, like for a shoot out or something

Shona x


  1. oooh you have such an awesome collection, I thought I had a lot!! I am absolutely in love with those large coral, black, yellow and blue earrings WOW!

  2. I did the same thing before I started working at La Rosa!

    In the 50s, women had huge jewelry cabinets for all their costume jewels, and I'd like to find something like that to hold my collection.

  3. Lovely collection! I love that they are all colour coordinated too! Jx


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