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Friday 18 November 2011

Autumn arrives with a thud

Hello my lovelies

If you are here in the UK then you know all about Autumn arriving. It seemed to arrive yesterday, without proper ceremony, after teasing us in the lurking-days-of-summer-ish-ness weeks we have had. It has put my normal wardrobe rotation and organisation in a bit of a delay. It has been so mild that I was still swanning about in a long cotton house dress some days, so it didn't make sense to dig out ALL the warmer things.  (Solanah, from Vixen Vintage, by the way, is the Queen of Wardrobe Rotation [HRHoWR]. Go here for some inspiration)
So already my day is revolving around when to turn to gas fire on. I find myself doing bargaining with myself, like: "not until after tea", "not until I have a proper jumper on at least", "I can't justify it today" and also regularly... "I wish we had a cat to accessorise the fireplace with". It is clear that it really is time to bring out the woollen heavyweights.  This is my favourite sweater dress. It is warm and toasty and green.
I know it looks like I am deliberately holding my stomach in, but in truth I was trying to show you my bracelet
The left collar needs a brooch because, despite many a wet-towel iron it is determined to pop up a bit. This mustard enamel brooch I think is from the 30s. The bracelet is 50s or 60s.
And my leopard print shoes. These were the bargain of the century, a few years ago at the Brighton Jukebox fair. £10! If I had known they would prove to be so comfy I would have brought more, but, you know how it is with cheap shoes, they can be expensive if they are uncomfortable.
I hope you all have a good warm weekend!



  1. Oh my, gorgeous! That dress is beautiful and the color looks stunning on you. So much fun paired with the leopard shoes!

    We are full on into chilly weather here (in Chicago). I'm covered in wool! :)

  2. Oh that dress is fantastic! I love it! It's just now starting to get somewhat chilly here! It always takes forever, I was in shorts just the other day!

  3. Oh I love those shoes! I'm a sucker for anything leopard print.

  4. You look absolutely stunning!
    The green color suits you very well, and it seems that the dress is a nice and comfy one for a cold, cold upcoming winter!

  5. You look utterly gorgeous, Shona! The brooch and bracelet are just lovely and the shoes are fab!!

    We had snow here yesterday!! Snow!! Definitely time to rotate the wardrobe...

  6. Phwoooaarrrr... great colour on you, great shoes, fab jewellery.

  7. I am as green as your dress with ENVY!!! *slack-jawed staring*

  8. Bee-yoo-tiful dress! And leopard print shoes....hmmm...will that print be my next search??!

    What the heck am I on about??.....I shall try and explain briefly.

    When you posted about a year ago (??) about your happy shoes, (mustard ones from Next) I became a woman possessed and did verily want some. Emails to Next came to no avail, so a-watching eBay I did go. Lots appeared but none in my size...until last week! So now I have my own happy shoes! Huzzah!

    So, what to search for next?! LOL!

  9. Stunning outfit! You look so good in that colour. And I now haz serious jewellery envy...

  10. You look gorgeous in this and love the shoes!

  11. Ohhhh, that dress! So gorgeous - it's suits you perfectly.
    -Andi x


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