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Wednesday 30 November 2011

The last time I saw Paris

I've had a bit of a horrible cold so please excuse the gap in posts. It is nearly all gone now thank goodness.
I have to update you on my recent trip to Paris! We got a cheap deal on the Eurostar and just went for the weekend, starting out really early on Saturday morning. There is a bonus when you have been to a place already, that you no longer need to do all the tourist things.  Here's a quick round up in pictures.
Lego Christmas tree at St.Pancras Station. It was really a bit too early to be enthused with anything, but this made me stop in my tracks! It must have taken hours.
Outside the Rex theatre. Retro Chick has been there recently too.
Buying macaroons from a beautiful bakery
My really really old bag. I don't know HOW old. Definately older than my normal time period of 30s-50s, anyone with any ideas? I bought it in Texas. The seller told me it was French so it was neat to give it a trip home. It's been around the world and back!
Shopping at the markets. Meet Lili who sells buttons and beads, lace, braiding and all things embellished. Her shop sucked me in, filled as it is with such wonders ( her stand is Marché Vernaison, Stand 6 - Allée 1).  While really chatty, and keen for me to blog about her, she got all shy and hid behind lace when the camera came out! She has a website that includes a bit of the history of the markets (I use Google translate).
Dribbled over French magazines from the 1930s and large posters just down the way from Lili's shop. Paul also got all bashful when it came to taking a photo. He has a GORGEOUS website so you can dribble yourself now.
Listening to Gypsy Jazz music and drinking mulled wine. This café was practically in the market area so it was like being in heaven (no room for dancing though) for both of us. I did leave hubby there while I went back for a second quick scout.
I'll leave you with the vintage flowers I bought from Lili which will someday to find themselves onto a hat. That vintage postcard is her business card - with the shop details stamped on the back - pretty eh?


  1. Oh wow that looks lovely! I really must go back to Paris

  2. That poppy is SO beautiful I could weep I say. WEEP!!

  3. Amazing. And I have to say that when I saw the photo of you in your leopard print jacket, the proverbial lightbulb went off in my head. I bought some faux fur leopard from fabric.com a couple of years ago and have not been able to imagine what I could do with it. Now that I have seen you in your jacket, I know just what to do!

  4. I will be there in about 2 weeks!!!!

  5. Ohhhh Myyyy Gosh!
    That Lego tree is fascinating.

    And I adore your Leopard coat, you look lovely.

  6. So jealous! Glad to see one of your goodies from Texas made its way back to France even for a short trip!!! Looks like you had a fabulous time & I love those flowers you snagged! :) (Plus the Lego tree is AMAZING! Have had a few friends post photos on twitter, but I hadn't seen a close up yet!)

  7. This all looks so lovely! I'm planning my first ever trip to London and Paris so I'm compiling a list of places to go and Lili's shop will definitely be a destination! I'm coming from Wellington NZ so I can't wait!!!


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