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Thursday 10 November 2011

Whoop-sie Daisy!

When announcing the winner of the Daisy Chain Fleur dress it looked like I stuffed up and this upset a few people. I can understand that, especially when such a nice dress is at stake!

On investigation, it seems that the Random Number Generator image does a crazy malfunction when you copy it from the website to the blog. It puts the numbers back to their default setting of 1 and 100. So even if it had landed on 306 it would have looked like it the entered numbers were 1 and 100 (see, told you it was crazy)
Here look at this, when I chose 1-500:

True Random Number Generator  427Powered by RANDOM.ORG

So the good news is to all of you that had were crossing your fingers and rubbing your rusty trusty horseshoes, you WERE in the draw properly and fairly. It was only that the winning number happened to fall under 100 that it looked like there was a real error.

I am really sorry that it happened that way. I hope we can still continue on together, after all, I'll be planning something for Christmas next (and no, it won't be a plank of wood like last year, as fun as that was!)



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