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Thursday 10 November 2011

Me Tarzan, you Jane

Quite a lot of you know that I'm a Kiwi living in the UK. To try and blend in a little I don't say "mate" so much now and I have learnt to use the alternative, British words for things. "Flip flops" instead of "Jandals", and "Wellington Boots" instead of "Gum Boots". I try not to ever say "pin" or "pen" because it just gets TOO hard.
I still have my accent, and it gets stronger immediately after speaking to a fellow countryman. Anyway, so... the point is...when I told my lovely friend Jenny that I was wearing a Tartan dress she was wondering what on earth I was going to turn up in - hearing "Tarzan" instead.
Ever since every "tartan" item I have is now a "Tarzan" one. Jenny and I know what we mean!
Anyway now I have a new alternative word, albeit more American I believe. This is one of my PLAID skirts. I love it. It's pleated. It is REVERSIBLE!
My all-seeing googley eye dog is coming along for the day
And here is my lippy - It is Red Hot Red from Rockalilly.  I love it! lots of red lippys make my lips crack and peel in a horrible fashion, which, really, isn't the look I am going for. But not this one. YEAH! There are some new limited edition shades in store there now so I might include one on my Christmas wish list. 

See ya Mate!

Cardigan - Custom Clothes
Skirt - vintage, probably 70s or 80s, ebay
Shoes - Clarks
earrings and brooch - vintage


  1. I absolutely love your plaid, tartan, tarzan skirt, beautiful!

  2. Jenny Cherry Bailey10 November 2011 at 11:53

    I love your accent Mrs Tarzan dress, dont ever change x

  3. Fab skirt, and I LOVE your doggie brooch!

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  4. Oooooh WEEEE! Reversible skirts RULE!

    Tartan / Tarzan - ha ha ha!

  5. HEHEHE... Lovely skirt!!! I am going to have to give the lippy a go as i have never found one that doesnt give me the horrible peely lip thing. Thanks kitten x

  6. haha .. as a fellow kiwi who lived in the uk for 10 years i know how it goes. now living back in the land of the long white cloud with an English husband it doesn't end for me! we still have a laugh when the words pigs (pegs), pins (pens), etc., are mentioned! i'm keen to try out Rockalilly lipstick as i'm fed up with trying different red lipsticks that dry out and crack, and i have to bin after a few tries. you look fab btw :)

  7. Not sure what I love more! Plaid Tarzan skirt or the amazing doggie! :)

  8. So funny you are using brit slang. I tend to read blogs from the UK, so I end up using their slang in everyday conversation. Love the skirt and so great it is reversible!


  9. So lovely in those <a href="http://www.loudstarbazaar.com/shop/brand-mon-peche-mignon/mon-peche-mignon-sheer-lace-dress/p_19.html>Plaid skirts</a> she's wearing! Adorable design!

  10. Looking gorgeous there sis...and lovely to see the earrings we bought together adorning ones ear lobes. I lost one of mine between the wardrobe and the dress up room last week so the hunt continues but at least I know it's in the house such a ning nong. Love the REVERSIBLE plaid skirt as well - I wanna see the reverse!


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