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Thursday 3 November 2011

Butterfly dress

Hello my lovelies!

I am thrilled so many of you are entering into our competition. It is lovely hearing all your comments. If you haven't entered yet then please do so! It closes on Monday evening. Good luck!
The week is whipping by so fast and this weekend will too as on Sunday we are trading at the Northern Military Expo in Newark. Do pop along and say Hi if you are around there.

Since the weather is really starting to turn, I took the opportunity to wear a dress today because soon it will be to chilly to wear. It hasn't had an outing yet and I had already planned the whole outfit for an event we did about a month ago and it seems a shame not to wear it.
I think it is late 30s to early 40s, as it features full sleeves at the cuff and a hook and eye closure at the side. It could equally be later, especially since it is home-made, so it could be an eclectic mix of what our mystery seamstress had on hand at the time. Pattern + fabric + collar but no zip. Zips were hard to get in the war years. Or maybe a zip was too hard for her (remember they had just come in domestically) and she knew her stuff when it came to a hook and eye placket so stuck to that. That is one of the things I love about vintage, is the sleuthing part of it.
In a moment of MASSIVE accessorising ability, I pinned a Cath Kidston hair clip to the strap of one shoe. Ahhh the stylish-ness off it!  In fact it lasted very well and I will use that trick again - I quite like a bit of modern whimsy. (The shoes are from good ole Clarks by the way).
I took fabric from the hem and made a belt, and this buckle from my stash was begging to be married to the dress. Good match eh? The buckle might be older than the dress, but the colour and butterfly-like shape was just too perfect. And since it is home-made, our mystery seamstress could have had a stash of buckles just like mine...or maybe hers was a just a wee bit smaller...(a-hem)...
Two little crocheted butterflies also were at home here worn as scatter pins. They are cooler in the pair rather than just one don't you think?
I best leave you and get myself organised for a big day here tomorrow so toodle pip till Tuesday when I'll announce the winner of the Fleur dress! 
Have a good weekend.



  1. You look SO fabulous! I've often thought about taking hem fabric to make a belt but never tried it. I think I may do that with some of my longer dresses this winter! The buckle, pins, everything is perfection! xoxo

  2. mmm, the dress is absolutely gorgeous...

  3. I will be telling my daughters about the Cath Kidston hair clips on Mary Jane's as they have the very same hairclip!!!
    I love your hair Shona- am very jealous! Still I'm off to visit @lekeuxevents on Saturday to get a forties hair make-over in preparation for my 40th birthday vintage tea party so with any luck I could look almost as fabuloso as you!!!
    Hope Newark is good.

  4. Absolutely stunning, Shona. You look gorgeous and that is one super dress.xxx

  5. Such a pretty dress! I love the collar and shoulders.

  6. Love the whole outfit the way you have added butterfly pins and that shoe brooch is gorgoeus and I must have me one or three.

  7. You're an exceptionally co-ordinated lady! Very clever of you making the belt from the hem.

    Have a wonderful week!

    Miss P xx

    P.S. Are the black trousers going to be restocked soon??

  8. Gorgeous dress! I love the crocheted butterflies, those are so perfect to co-ordinate with it! Also, I'm a true believer that scatter pins should always be in pairs! More fun that way!

  9. He he! I am not always THAT co-ordinated!
    Porcelina, yes we will be getting more black trousers, I have just been struggling with the fabric supply. I don't want to scrimp on the quality of fabric and I need a consistent supplier.

  10. I have just found you in Penny´s roud up blogs, and fallen in love with you and your dress, so I had to come over and say hello.

  11. You are LOVELY!!!!!! I love butterflies print so hard to find because everybody love it!!!
    A great find with great details and accessories!

  12. Holy schmokes!!! I ADORE this outfit!!!! A-D-O-R-E!

  13. Great 'butterfly' outfit, and lovely pics. I always love blue and white together. Nice to see you and Twan this weekend at Newark. Kaye xx


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