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Tuesday 8 November 2011

Daisy Chain Fleur dress WINNER!


What a pleasant thing to do on a wet and grey Tuesday morning! Yes, my first job today is to announce our Daisy Chain Fleur dress winner.  You all left such nice comments that it was a shame I couldn't give something to each of you. I do love getting comments - it makes me feel like I am not talking to myself!
And now, on with the main event...Drum roll please

True Random Number Generator  
59Powered by RANDOM.ORG

So that lands on Lindsay Lane of http://petticoatsandpinup.blogspot.com/

Lindsay - have a look at our sizing charts and send us an email at shop@heydayonline.co.uk with your size and address and we'll get that off in the post to you.

We will of course do another giveaway when we reach 500 so do keep watching this space

Have a happy day


PS: I have just set up a sale on the Fleur dresses - all of them are now £60 for a limited time. Go get em!


  1. Congratulations Lindsay! xxx

  2. Congratulations to the lucky winner! The rest of us are gonna have to start saving up and buy one ;)

  3. Wauw, you have no idea how happy I am to see that I won this beautiful dress!

    I am over the moon!

  4. Congrats, Lindsay - you'll look swell in this gorgeous dress! :)

    Out of curiosity; why was there only 100 as max in the number generator when the comments on the giveaway post were well over 300? - Oh ok, so I'm a bit selfish as well, as my own comments were at 100+... ;)

  5. Miss Meetah - thanks for pointing that out. I distinctly remember typing 363 in (because I went back to check it) but maybe I didn't actually enter anything at all. The Random number generator has 100 in it by default. Sorry I got that wrong.

  6. I was over 100 too...what does it mean? Are you going to do it again? It should be fair for the 200 and more girls who entered...


  7. congrats lindsay.you lucky girl.Hope we get to see a photo in your lovely dress.xx

  8. I don't want to sound bitter, but I kept my finger crossed for nothing, cause I never had a real chance to be picked, my comment was over 100 too.
    It's a game, and I'm glad someone else got the dress, but a game it's not fair if you're not be able to win at all.
    I'm sorry, but I think you should do it again, with the right numbers.

  9. May I point out that you need to check all the comments and make sure that all of them was legit? Somebody posted twice without any reblog or retweet, somebody else did not left any contact.
    In order to do a Giveaway in the right way, you need to be absolutely sure about the exact number of the players, and only then you can use random.org.

    My two cents.intertitula@gmail.com

  10. It seems, on further investigation, that there is an error when one copies the random number generator across. The numbers that you enter revert back to their default settings. So, even though it looked like I had only chosen 1-100, in fact, that is only because the number that it fell on was under 100. I'll explain it in a post

    Oh and please do be assured that I do check the winner as to their legitimate-ness (is that even a word?). If it is a dodgey entry then I would re-roll it. There are always some odd balls in there, but if it makes your comment number 305 rather than 298 then it may just be in your favour anyway.

  11. Congratulations ! I would love to have one of those Fleur dresses. I am excited to know that you have again started the daisy chain but 500 is too much. Anyways I love all of your creation and would like to buy few of them.
    allure bridals


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