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Monday 10 May 2010

39 Steps

On Wednesday I got a night out at the 39 Steps.  It was a "vintage" evening, where many dressed up and added to the atmosphere.

I wore my 1950s dress and suit, even though, as we were heading out the door, I thought...the price is £19.39... I wonder if that is an indication of the year I ought to dress in?  Oh well, it was too late then, nothing to do but grab the camera and go.  

Having long hair means it is not easy to wear these little scull caps from the 50s, but I had a go at pinning up sections and I was really pleased with the back.  Next time I will do the front and sides differently:

And hubby wore a suit, it is actually modern one from a Mr Albert's store (Cleveland, USA)

He was very excited to get photographed for the Esquire best dressed man competition!  

Shona x


  1. Looked like a truly wonderful evening

  2. Looks like a fun night! And what a stylish couple!! ;]
    -Andi x


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