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Tuesday 25 May 2010

Not so Grace-ful

Mr Wolf and I tried to make it to the V&A Museum to see the Grace Kelly museum on Sunday.  Despite me getting ready in record time we arrived too late to make it to a "veiwing".  NOW we know we need to book tickets in advance - probably well in advance.

All was redeemed when I looked about me in amazement to see London out dressed in their Sunday best, children and grand dames included. There were floral frocks galore, skirts, wedge sandals, cute print blouses and lovely beads, and (jaw droppingly) a couple of hats! Even the men were in a nice shirt and a pair of chinos, Prince-Wills-goes-casual style. What's going on? It might be the fantastic blast of weather we are having, it might be that dressing for Grace (like I did) is the norm amongst V&A goers, or maybe the places I normally go just don't attract the same stylish client√®le. It was like going to the races but better - I left with a healthy wallet and no hangover/sunburn/migraine from screaming too hard encouraging the horses. And so, I will be going back and not just for Ms Kelly.

My quick hairstyle: When Mr Wolf suggests going to see a Grace Kelly exhibition, you don't stop to question it, you get ready before he changes his mind. This is the last of the curls left after my do that I wore to dancing on Friday:

Yep that is all of my hair curled, and then tucked under and pinned. It wasn't planned, and a bit scruffy perhaps but I liked it. No one noticed the amount of cleavage on show, being first concerned I had cut my hair - clever trick that one!
Dare I tell you that I washed my hair on the Monday, set it on Wednesday, set it again on Friday and finally washed it again on the following Monday.  Eeewww. But actually it was ok, I am blessed with REALLY thick hair, and clearly I didn't do much dancing on Friday (I ate cake instead?!).  This not washing was un-intentional, a case of life being more important this week that squeaky clean hair. Now no shampoo ad will EVER tell you that!

Shona x
The info bit:
Red and white 50s sundress (fits like a dream) from Debbie and Mickey, next showing at Hep Cat Holiday
Wedges and pearly-ish earrings (of course pearls for Grace Kelly) -charity shops
Hairflower - homemade and then stolen from my own stall
Navy and white polka dot dress - Laura Ashley in the end of winter sale. (winter? short sleeves?yes really.)
Metal and Enamel 30s (?) broach - car boot at Hemsby


  1. You look fabulous as ever Shona, I spent that Sunday in the garden in my scruffs tidying up the horror that was my jungle, I wish I'd dressed up and looked pretty instead!

  2. Two awesome outfits! I loooooooooove the red one! And dayum - I wish my hair looked like that ater a week - you saw me yesterday and that was 4 days in... only it for a scarf to hide the greasy roots!


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