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Thursday 20 May 2010

Hemsby Rock'n'Roll weekender

Now that I am starting to recover,(read: I can string some sentences together now), I must report on a fun weekend selling at Hemsby Rock'n'Roll weekender.  Hemsby is in Great Yarmouth, and I am amazed at how many people in the UK think I am making this destination up! Yes it exists and it is on the east coast in Norfolk.

On the way to the May event I am always in awe of the fields of sunshine produced by the rapeseed that are cultivated there. Since it was a particularly sunny day this time the whole landscape seemed drenched in a happy yellow - including me! 

Hemsby itself is a really nice weekender - run twice a year. They get big names in from all over the world and the shopping is great.  Lots of my favourite fellow stallholders are there. Including of course, Darren from Dead Men's Spex, who gets me all in a fluster every time I see him (he would like to think it was his manly charm, but it is really just his glasses).  

Because there was a bit of a stuff up last time, we ended up with spare lenses of my prescription to put into glasses.  Ohh the choice had me in agony!

Finally I settled on a 50's pair that has a kind of Cats-Eye-style-gone-wrong thing going on, which I hope will not look too out of place with a 40's outfit as well.  

On Friday night I wore my 50's dress.  Note the blue admission wrist band tones in well

I had a bonkers time out with other fellow stallholders and still managed to get up and out to the Sunday car boot, run as part of the weekender. Last time, Fleur came with me, and we dashed around like the women on a mission.  
Here's my treasures:

1930s Depression Glass bowl - LOVE IT!  I have a wee collection starting.

Two Vintage knitting patterns.  I am an ok knitter, but really I think I just love the pictures, so I held back and only went through ONE box of them. (Do you worry, like I do, that while I might be searching for one bargain, others are getting sold nearby that really ought to be mine? That makes me go tornado fast!)

And some bits and bobs of jewellery. The little orange and wood earrings go well with that orange broach, don't you think? Even though they were bought separately!
The next Hemsby weekend is in October - do check it out if you are into the 50s scene, and I will see you there!

Shona x

The info bit: From the top down
Freddies of Pinewood dungerees, yellow blouse from my own collection (now sold out in that colour) 
Green cardigan from Jenny at Custom Clothes (this one is hand knitted, though I understand she is now doing similar ones on the knitting machine)
50s vintage dress (as before) from Home Sweet Homestyle, Shoes from Johnson's Shoes, hair flowers from Accessorize.  


  1. I'd never heard of this before but just the mention of Dead Men's Spex makes me want to go- I love my DMS cat's eyes so much and would love a whole stash of them for every occassion!

  2. Lordy Shona you took pics too! I intended too and just didn't have time :o(

    Well done you, nice post!!!

  3. Lovely pics lady! Am way jealz of your new spex, I will have to come along again next time!

  4. Looks like a great event! Wish I could have been there!

  5. I would love to go to Hemsby! Too many weekenders for me to choose from though! You look adorable in your dungarees and yellow shirt.

  6. Just popped over from Fleur's blog. I'll definitely add yours as a regular blog to check. I love your clothes, hair style and attitude.

    Thanks for sharing it all with us!

  7. Good job I didn't go this time, I would have had that bowl from under your nose ;)

    Lovely dress! I'd love to go to the May one, I hear it's more lively than October. x

  8. Hi Ladies! Kally, yes I seems more women go to the May one, being that it is warmer. Still the October one is good and there is less ladies stealing bowls from under your nose! tee hee.


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