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Monday 10 May 2010

Chestnut Sunday

Yesterday we were off on an adventure to Chestnut Sunday in Bushy Park.
Just because I spent 4 days in the house with a horrid migraine, I felt like dressing up a bit.  Here's a Me Made May Skirt contribution. (It was too cold to go about like this, so I quickly covered up with a vintage coat)
The parade was an assortment of vehicle types.

This lovely lady was one of the few that dressed in period to match her vehicle. She got the thumbs up from us, after all, being in a parade is BEING IN A PARADE! No matter how small.

I hope next year we can get Fleur or Kitten on the back of some of those jeeps, adding some more Glamour!

Bushy Park and the gardens around Hampton court Palace are looking lovely.  But watch out for those crazy nuts that hang about in there...

Oh yeah, that would be me then.

Shona x

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