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Wednesday 12 May 2010

Gypsy top Salvage No.2 and SHOES

Here is Tuesdays Gypsy top salvage # 2.  It was £2 at the Next sale in Jan and I also bought its close cousin in orange.  Again, it has been turned from a smock style into something me-wearable with a massive seam in both sides.  I am super happy with it! 

And some new Miss L Fire shoes turned up.  My Postie is getting used to me squealing when it is something good.  He also turns a blind eye to hot rollers and fluffy slippers.  Now these babies are going to go great with my new 40s dress I have been beavering away at.

I have actually met Miss L Fire herself, and she is a very clever lady. She does all the designing and is very hands on in production. She is stunning, and nice, and had a cool hairdo that day (note to self, must copy).  I got to dribble over her winter range. It was a good afternoon.

Shona x 

The info bit:
Miss L Fire: They were on sale and I fluked them in my size from ASOS These are called Catalina, but I think you might have to try other sources now - Ebay perhaps?
Pencil skirt - my own design from Heyday - only a few sizes left until I get more stock in.
Shoes and belt - charity shop


  1. You have such a lovely figure...

  2. Hello Shona!

    Sammi here of Miss L Fire. I started up a blog for our lovely shoes, and came across yours! Thanks for the comments on your recent L Fire purchase!

    Hope all is well!


  3. Beautiful shoes!!!!!

    I can't believe the owner/designer for Heyday has so few followers.

    I absolutely love your clothes. I have a pair of trousers and 2 tie tops and love them SO MUCH! Your communication with customers is also excellent.

    Yours is a blog I'll certainly begin to keep a close eye on! :)

  4. I love your shoes and dresses. You look adorable!

  5. Ohh hello lovely people! Well, I have only a few followers as I am still getting used to blogging and I wanted to have something worth reading before I told people about it!
    Hello Sammi from Miss L. Fire - I will be checking out your blog - I am sure it is full of adventure. Well done in getting in this weeks Grazia!


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