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Wednesday 5 May 2010

Gypsy top salvage No.1

Yesterday was a really busy day, so I didn't get a pic until late. 
Here is my Me Made May contribution, which is Me altered.  It is a Ex Primark top purchased at a Cancer Research Charity shop. 

Lots of last seasons blouses are hitting the Charity shops and I am going through the same anguish as I did when they hit the high street shops. The prints are all gorgeous but the style would be much better suited to me if I was 8 Months preggers.  So this is one that I got on a whim and have whipped it down the sides and put some quick and dirty darts down the front, just enough so it falls in the right place.  With the success of this one I have some more coming.

Ohh... and I got these vintage earrings out of Winter storage - Yippee!  I look blue not just because it was getting late in the evening, but also because it was freezing outdoors.  Brrrr.  (The flash made things look even weirder sorry)

Shona x


  1. I think you look cute but cos I know you, I can see in your eyes that somethings up and can just imagine you saying through clenched teeth 'hurry up'!! Cute top though!!

  2. That's a really good idea, I've been after a peasant top for a while, but can never find one flattering enough. Yours looks lovely!

  3. Love that top

  4. It was amazingly easy, and of course now I have a wee obsession going on!


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